Wind Direction Anemometer Teaching Instrument Light Meter Cup Vane Level 30m / S With Wind Direction


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one.brief introduction

The measuring part of the wind speed in the wind cup anemometer adopts the microcomputer technology,The instantaneous wind speed can be measured at the same time、Instantaneous wind level、Average wind speed、Average wind level、Corresponding wave height5Parameters。Many measures have been taken to reduce the function,Greatly reduce the power consumption of the instrument,It has data latch function,Easy to read。The volume of this instrument is small、Light weight、Full function、Energy saving,It can be widely used in agriculture and forestry、environment、ocean、Scientific investigation、Measurement of atmospheric wind parameters in meteorological teaching and other fields。

two、 Main technical specifications

1、Wind speed index:

Wind speed measurement range: 0-30m/s

Starting wind speed of wind speed sensor:0.8m/s

Accuracy of wind speed measurement:±(0.3+0.03×V)m/s(vRepresents the actual wind speed)

Wind speed parameters that can be displayed:Instantaneous wind speed、Average wind speed、Instantaneous wind level、Average wind level、Corresponding wave height

Display resolution: 0.1 m/s (wind speed)

1 level (windlevel)

0.1 m (Wave height)

2、 Wind direction index

Wind direction measurement range:0~360degree 16Directions

windStart to sensorwind speed: 1m/s

windTo measure precisiondegree:±1/2position

Wind direction to the North:automatic


workenvironmenttemperaturedegree: -10℃——+45℃

workenvironmentwetdegree:≦RH (No condensation)

4、 Power supply

supply voltage:4.5V 5#dry battery3section(The battery should be provided by itself)

Average current consumption:≦5mA(supply voltage4.5VTime)

5、 Dimensions and weight



three.workprinciplebrief introduction

1、The wind direction part is supported by the retainer protecting the wind cup。From the wind vane、windRadial axis andwindtowardsdegreeIt is made up of plates, etc,Installed inwindtowardsdegreeThe magnetic bar on the disk andwindtowardsdegreeThe magnetic compass is composed of a magnetic compass, which is used to determine thewindtowardslocation。WhenRotation inwindtowardsdegreeTray nut under disc housingTime,Tray handlewindtowardsdegreeHold up or put down the tray,Make the rudiment bearing away from or contact with the shaft tip。windtowardsThe indicated value is determined bywindtowardsPointer inwindtowardsdegreeTo determine the stable position of the disk。

2、wind speedThe sensor uses the traditionalthreeCup rotating frame structure.It willwind speedIt is linearly transformed into the rotation speed of the rotating frame.In order to reduce the startup timewind speed,Lightweight plastic air cup,Tapered bearing support,The shaft of the rotating frame is fixed with aoneA toothed leaf blade,WhenThe rotating frame is on the waywindrotateTime,The shaft drives the blades around,The toothed blade continuously cuts the light beam in the light path of the photoelectric switch,So thatwind speedLinear conversion to the output pulse frequency of the photoelectric switch。

Single chip microcomputer in the instrumentwindThe output frequency of the sensor is used for sampling、calculation。Post instrument outputInstantaneous wind speed,oneminuteAverage wind speed、Instantaneous wind level、oneminuteAverage wind level,Average wind levelwindlevelCorrespondingWave height。The measured parameters are displayed directly on the LCD of the instrument。

In order to reduce the power consumption of the instrument,The sensor and single chip microcomputer in the instrument have taken special measures to reduce the power consumption。In order to ensure the reliability of data,The instrument also containssupply voltageDetection circuit。Whensupply voltageAt the bottom3.3VaboutTime,Instrument display“Under voltage”,Prompt userssupply voltageTaidi data is no longer reliableTimeReplace the battery。The instrument is also equipped with a power control circuit,Using electric circuit to replace mechanical switch to control the power on and off of instrument。

four、usage method

1、windtowardsMeasurement part

1)Check before observationwindtowardsAre the parts connected vertically and firmlywind speedinstrumentwindThe cup is not on the shelftowardsrotateThe tray nuts support the side of the tabletowardsdegreeThe tray of the tray drops,Contact the shaft tip with the prototype bearing。

2)observationTimeShould be inwindtowardsThe pointer is stableTimereadpositionreading。

2、wind speedMeasurement part

confirminstrumentThe battery is installed in the device,bookinstrumentIt uses the3section5#1.5dry battery,Please be careful not to use rechargeable batteries,Its output voltage is only1.2V,The voltage is not enough,openinstrumentRear cover plate of transmission,take3section5#dry batteryPut it into the battery rack,(Pay attention to the battery electrodeoneIt must be right)After the battery is installed,instrumentThe power supply may be on,It may also be in a power-off state,This is the power switch on the available panel,To control the power on and off。

Please refer toinstrumentPanel layout of the air conditioner,instrumentAfter the power on of the monitor, the self-test of the display is carried out,All possible strokes on the monitor are approximately displayed2second,theninstrumentThe instrument will enter the measurement state。

The key function is:A——Instantaneous wind speedB——Average wind speedC——Instantaneous wind levelD——Average wind levelE——Corresponding wave

InstantTime、Average wind speedCompany:m/s,InstantTime、Average wind levelOfCompany :level, Corresponding wave heightOfCompany:m

instrumentDevice operationTime,measureInstantaneous wind speed、Average wind speed、Instantaneous wind level、Average wind level、Corresponding wave heightthis5Parameters,Only one of them can be displayedoneParameters。Display parameters are controlled bywind speedDisplay key andwindlevelThe display key is used to switch,Every pressonesecondwind speedKey to display the parameters in theInstantaneous wind speedandAverage wind speedSwitch between,Every pressonesecondwindleveldisplayKey to display the parameters in theInstantaneous wind level,Average wind levelCorresponding wave heightSwitch betweenSame as thisTimeCompanyOfSigns and marks shall be marked accordinglyOfswitch。

Every presswind speedkey:displayTimeA decimal point will appear in the corresponding position。wind speed、Wave heightThe parameter is reserved after the decimal pointoneposition,windleveldisplayinteger,There is no decimal pointdisplay。

Average wind speed、Average wind level、Corresponding wave heightIt needs to beoneminuteOfsamplingTimebetween,So after power ononeminutewithin,After the passbook is cancelledoneminutewithin,Can't get itjustYesOfaverage value,oneWait until the sample is takenTimebetweengreater thanoneminutein the future,displayTalentdisplayEffectiveOfParameter value。

3.observationIn order to protect the shaft tip and the prototype bearing,justtowardsrotateTray nut,Raise the tray,Supporting partytowardsdegreedisc,Thus, the shaft tip is separated from the diamond bearing。

LatchdisplayPresskeyCan makeinstrumentWhere is the instrumentmeasurestateandLatchstateSwitch between。staymeasurestateTimePressonelowerLatchdisplaykey,instrumentDevice entryLatchstate,measurevalueLatchafter,displayThe value is locked。

stayLatchstateTimePressonelowerLatchkey,LatchThe function disappears,expressinstrumentBack tomeasurestate。

Due to the adoption ofOfIt's smalldry battery,Limited energy storage,So usecompleteafterShould andTimeTurn off the power,Remove the battery to extend the battery lifeOfservice life。

becauseinstrumentimplementwithinIt's tightOfMechanical structure,So useTimeBe careful,Do not fall or touch。

five、 instrumentimplementCompleteness:

windtowardsmeasureparts 1piece

wind speedSensingimplement 1piece

instrumentimplementhost 1platform

an instruction manual 1share


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